The Golden Buddha

The Golden Buddha

Location : Charoen Krung Rd., Samphanthawong District.

Have you ever seen five and a half tons of gold Wat Trai Mit, near the Bangkok Railway Station at Hua Lamphong, is home to the famous Golden Buddha which is 3 metres high.

The Golden Buddha is believed to be 700 to 800 years old as it is in the Mara attitude, typical of the Sukhothai era. It was installed at Wat Phrayakrai in the Yannawa area of Bangkok during the reign of King Rama III where it stayed until 1931.

The temple had fallen out of use and was abandoned so the Ecclesiastical Commission had it relocated at Wat Trai Mit. At this time, no one seemed to know that it was made of pure gold.

Opening Hours :  Daily from 08:00 am. – 05:00 pm.

How to get there :

5 minute walk on Mahaprutharam Road from hotel