Location : Silom Road

Silom is Bangkok’s financial heart. Commonly referred to as The Wall Street of Thailand, it’s a place of soaring skyscrapers and modern architecture. By day, business people hurry around in expensive suits, while by night the area transforms into one of Bangkok’s most notorious red light districts. But there’s much more to the area than work and nightlife. You may be well and truly over visiting temples, having seen Bangkok’s headline sites like the Temple of the Emerald Buddha, Wat Pho, and Wat Arun. Don’t dismiss Silom’s religious buildings, though, as the area is home to some beauties. For starters, it’s home to one of the nation’s most sacred Hindu temples: the colourful and ornate Sri Maha Mariamman Temple. An intricately carved gopuram stands above the main entrance and there are many statues and images inside devoted to various Hindu deities. The glorious temple dates back to the late 1870s and it was built by Tamils from southern India. Masjid Mirasuddeen is a fairly impressive piece of Islamic architecture, topped with golden domes and a rather unusual tiered minaret. Do note that non-Muslims are not allowed inside the mosque. The soulful call to prayer can be heard from the minaret five times each day. Built by French missionaries, Assumption Cathedral is also an aesthetically pleasing place of worship. Step inside and be dazzled by the high ceilings, beautiful colours, and abundance of Christian art. Wat Yannawa is among the most unique Buddhist temples in Thailand. The base is shaped like a traditional Chinese sailing boat, with two grand pagodas standing as its masts. Wat Maha Phruettharam and Wat Hua Lamphong are other interesting Buddhist temples in Silom.

How to get there :

Take MRT Hua Lamphong in front hotel to MRT Silom where is located 2 stations away from hotel. It take less than 5 minute to be at Silom from hotel.