Museum Siam

Museum Siam

Location : Sanam Chai road, Bangkok

Discovery Museum is located in ThanonSanam Chai, The Grand Palace, substituting the former building of Ministry of Commerce. The building is awarded an outstanding award of art and architecture preservation in 2006 from the committee on art and architecture preservation of the Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage of His Majesty the King (ASA). The museum serves as a learning center on ethnology, anthropology, and other fields related to Thai society and Southeast Asia, in order to instill consciousness and understanding of the Thai people in their history, nation, culture, and localities, as well as connect relative ties with neighboring countries.New methods of a display with modern media have been applied to enable participation of visitors in learning and understanding historical stories of the Thai nation. The contents on display in the form of the ‘Essays on Thailand’ have been divided into 14 rooms in the three-storey building. In addition, learning activities are organized for youth and aficionados of museums.

How to get there :

Less than 10 minute by MRT Hua Lamphong to MRT Sanam Chai. Leave MRT Sanam Chai and will see Museum siam.